Alternative Investing:
SME Growth Financing

Gain access to Southeast Asia’s largest SME financing platform

Capitalise on growing demand and unique market opportunities in direct lending to SMEs. As you invest on SME financing platform, you're also driving financial inclusion for SMEs.


High-yield returns: Projected returns
of 12 – 20% p.a.*

Low volatility investing and diversification

Tenor from 1-3 months, zero onboarding fee

Award-winning Fintech transforming SME Financing

Founded in 2015, Validus has grown to become Southeast Asia’s largest SME financing platform, providing an attractive alternative investment asset class for investors in the region.

Total funded across all markets (VND)


return borrower rate

How does alternative investing in SME growth financing work?

SME growth financing helps SMEs who are underserved, or unserved by traditional bank financing, gain access to working capital from investors (accredited investors or institutional lenders).

Investors can gain exposure to the SME asset class for high yield and low volatility investing, as it is relatively uncorrelated to markets due to absolute returns earned from repayment of loan facilities.

Businesses you're investing in

Our SMEs are from a range of sectors, assessed through stringent data-driven credit checks

Validus has partnered with strong investors, big corporate partners, to deploy solutions that boost SME lending in supply chains.

By participating in SME lending opportunities on Validus platform, you are backing growing SMEs so they are well-positioned to grow their business, and drive employment and economic growth.


Vietnamese Corporates & SMEs

At least 2 years in business


Has local supply chain

Projected Returns by Investment Product

Corporate Vendor Financing (CVF)
$From 12%
Up to 90 days tenor
Invoice Financing
$From 14%
Up to 90 days tenor
Working Capital Financing
$From 14%
Up to 90 days tenor
Corporate Distributor Financing (CDF)
$From 13%
Up to 60 days tenor

Frequently Asked Questions by Investors

Who can invest with Validus?

You can be an individual or business entity (with a Business tax ID in Vietnam) to be an investor with Validus. You must have a VND Vietnamese bank account as all transactions are in VND. Please contact our Investor Relations team ( for more information.

What’s the investing/lending process?

There are 4 steps to lending.

  • Step 1: Create an account on Validus, select if you are an individual or business entity.
  • Step 2: Verify your profile and company information (if you are registering as a business entity).
  • Step 3: Once your account has been verified, you will receive a Virtual Account number. You must add funds to your Virtual Account in order to start investing on our platform.
  • Step 4: The minimum amount to start investing on our platform is 150 million VND. Once funds are available, you may participate in live facilities after going through your own risk assessment.

What is the minimum to start investing?

The minimum amount to start investing on our platform is 150 million VND.

What's the minimum or maximum investment term?

Loan tenors are for typically for a period between 30 to 90 days for Invoice Financing and varies according to facilities and SMEs involved.

What fees do investors pay to Validius?

Investment fee will be changed from time to time and notify investors before each disbursement. Please contact our Investor Relations team for more details.

What interest rate will I receive?

Depending on portfolio diversification and the facilities invested in, typical net rate of return is from 12% per annum.

Is my money safe with Validus?

Validus does NOT use your money for its operations. A separate independent escrow account managed by our bank partner in Vietnam, holds investors’ monies. All SME repayments are paid into that account, and disbursals are done from there as well.

Please refer to our FAQs page if you have more questions.

Things to Note

What happens if an SME makes late repayments?

We will notify you and the reason for any delayed payments, and the SME borrower will be liable for any late charges and additional interest applied to the outstanding amount due for the duration of delay.

What happens if an SME defaults?

Validus will work with the SME Borrower to mitigate any payment issues before a default occurs. In the rare case a default occurs, we will, based on advice, proceed with the most appropriate course of action which may include facility restructuring, debt collection and/or legal action.

Can I get access to my invested money before the end of a facility term?

Once the loan has been disbursed, any funds invested in the facility will be committed until repayment is made.

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*Projected figures are only an estimate based on a diversified portfolio with Auto-Invest enabled and will vary. This is for general information purposes only and is not an offer, solicitation, recommendation or advice to buy or sell any investment product.