Get started with just 150 mil VND*

With SME private credit in Asia set to grow, Validus Vietnam presents an attractive alternative investment opportunity for both individual and institutional investors to build wealth.

Sign up as an investor on the Validus platform to start earning interest now, and you can start investing with 50M VND per loan.

WATCH: An introduction to SME private credit
An award-winning Fintech, Validus Vietnam is an online SME financing platform for investors looking to invest directly in the fast-growing SME asset class. As you participate in attractive lending opportunities and capitalise on market-plus returns, it also means that we can do more in backing viable SMEs so that they are well-positioned to accelerate their growth. Key highlights include:
◢  High-yield returns: Projected returns of 12 – 15% p.a.^
◢  Low volatility investing and diversification
◢  No lock-in period, zero onboarding fee

*Offer exclusive to Vietnam Investor Survey 2020 survey participants only and is non-transferable. Limited time offer, ends 3 Nov 2020. Usual minimum amount to start a Validus account is 250 mil VND. ^Projected returns is an estimate based on diversified portfolio.

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