Why work for us?

Along with efforts to bring growth financing for SME, attractive investment opportunities for investors, Validus aspire to create a workplace where our members are motivated to do the best job.

Always taking People is core, Validus creates all opportunities for company members to build, develop, show up all their strength & capabilities. Award & recognition is always alongside with the high performer, if you are an active, confident and willing to work on the friendly, dynamic, fair and multi culture.

Validus working vibe

As a Fintech company, Validus always uphold creativeness as well as employee’s comfort, convenience when coming to the office. At Validus, you will be in:

  • – Young in spirit while proficient in expertise team.
  • – The multinational working environment where always open and welcomes diverse cultural colors.
  • – Trendy office, encouraging people to share common space
  • – Always full of laughter from the engagement activities


Join our team you will get:

– Competitive compensation & benefit

– 21 days on annual leave per year

– Opportunity to learn and develop in a dynamic environment

– Recognize worthy work results through quarterly and annual awards

– Opportunities to integrate into the multinational labor market

– Additional Healthcare & Personal Accident Insurance package for company member and up to 3 family members

Our Core Values


Integrity of character, fairness in our dealings and perceived as a reliable partner by our stakeholders.
We are fair in our dealings and we act with integrity as we genuinely care about SMEs and believe in doing the right thing for all our stakeholders. This leads to the trust our stakeholders have in us.


Think big, be bold and take risks.
Fearless leadership, dynamic strategy and a thriving culture drive our creativity and innovation. We think big, are bold and take risks in continually look for ways to better empower and support our stakeholders.


Embrace change, adapt quickly.
We embrace change and are quick to adapt, constantly seeking to improve our products and services based on stakeholder requirements, market trends and best practices.


Work in teams and support each other in all tasks.
We work together in an open and respectful manner, establishing genuine partnerships that inspire purpose and identity that drive the best ideas and solutions.

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