Our Reflections on International Women’s Day

On workplace gender gap in FinTech

“The workplace gender gap today could be attributed to the STEM gender gap in higher education and subsequently various industries. We can only close this gap by actively encouraging young women to pursue education and careers in these fields.”

Vikas Nahata, Executive Chairman and Co-founder

On leadership

“Anyone capable for the job can definitely take the lead, regardless of their gender.”

Jayanta Kumar Roy, Director, Risk & Compliance

Being a woman in Singapore

“I am incredibly grateful to be in a time (and place) where women haven’t got to fight for their rights, and are given equal opportunities to succeed through education. Amongst all the positive discussions on the topic, let’s all be mindful and not pigeonhole both genders into personality traits nor allow stereotypes to manifest.”

X.Y. Ng, VP Marketing

Making a difference at Validus

“Being in an environment that enables me to drive impactful change is very fulfilling.”

Sonal Jain, Chief Data Officer

Considering a career at Validus

“We’re proud to pride ourselves on hiring candidates based on merit, skills and experience. When I meet potential candidates to join our team, I care more about what they can bring to the table – their diverse perspectives, experiences and ideas that define them.”

Shankar K Pillai, VP Engineering

On breaking into the FinTech industry

“Stay open minded and push your comfort zone. Focus on learning and contributing. Be flexible.”

Eddie Liu, Human Resources

On digitalisation

“Digitalisation is disrupting how we have been doing business for the last few decades, and it is no surprise that women are contributing to Industry 4.0 initiatives in both public and private sector efforts everywhere.”

Eric Goh, VP Partnerships